"One of Jamey Varnadore's many strengths as a costume designer is his ability to skillfully and gracefully handle shows of great size and range.  There is an art to maintaining positive human relations during the massive demands big shows bring.  I admire the respect he maintains for actors, volunteers, professionals, adults and children.  I also think his experience as a director serves him well as a costumer.  He understands the process, the big picture as well as the important defining details.

    We have collaborated successfully on three large satisfying productions with three contrasting costume periods: Walking Across Egypt at Theatre Charlotte in 2008 (cast of 27), The Full Monty at Theatre Charlotte in 2009 (cast of 24), and the greatest costume challenge, The Wizard of Oz at CPCC Summer Theatre in 2006 (cast of 61 . . . plus 1 dog).  All three shows looked spectacular, with refreshing variety, great quality, and impressive quantity.  I especially enjoy and appreciate the collaborative process with Jamey.  As director, I share my overall design and vision for a show, and Jamey goes to work creatively.  His ideas are fresh and exciting, and we communicate smoothly and comfortably.   He's a great listener with a sense of humor, coupled        

    with sharp focus and a creative vision that blends nicely with my own.  With Jamey on my production team, I always feel that the costumes are in very capable hands.  After our initial planning sessions, I can relax over costumes and worry about directing the show.  I am confident Jamey has it covered beautifully.  He brings to the table his own originality, a wealth of resources, an efficient method of operation, and a solid grasp on how to plan and achieve what a director wants and a show needs.   I am enthusiastically looking forward to our next theatrical collaboration."
        ~  Dennis Delamar - Director CPCC Summer Theatre, Theatre Charlotte, Actor's Theatre of Charlotte ~

"I have been a parent costume coordinator at Charlotte Latin School for six years.  It has been my pleasure to work with Jamey Varnadore for many productions.  Jamey is truly a magician!  Whatever our request might be, he seems to effortlessly assemble a beautiful show, always more than we imagined.  He is so wonderful to work with.  To the point when I start calling for parent volunteers for a production, they first ask if Jamey is going to be the costumer before they agree.  He has quite a fan base at our school, parents and students alike!  I look forward to continue working with Jamey.  He is truly a gem!"    
                 ~ Betsy Bellitto - Charlotte Latin School ~


"I have had the opportunity of working with Jamey several times as a director and have seen much of his work onstage since I moved to Charlotte.  He brings not only a great knowledge of clothing trends and design, but also a true desire to meet the show's as well as the actor's costume needs.    Jamey's extensive


collection at hand and his willingness to help fulfill the director's overall vision has made him a pleasure to work with."
                 ~ Vito Abate - Director, Actor, Producer  Charlotte, NC ~


"Jamey and his staff are competent and hard-working.  They provided beautiful, colorful costumes for our production of My Fair Lady and made the fitting process with our cast go smoothly.   I would recommend them for any of your stage production needs."

~ Kay Brinkley - Carmel Christian School ~


"Jamey's costumes always take the production to a new level of excellence. His costumes help bring the characters to life and they add a richness to the visual impact of the show.  Jamey is a pleasure

    "I work with Jamey because he is a stickler for details.  The costumes are always accurate, attractive, fun, and in great shape. My students feel so important when he comes for fittings.  They get a true sense of working in the business because Jamey is so professional in his approach and manner. I won't work with anyone else."
                 ~ Barbara Mager ~
      Drama Teacher, Butler High School

to work with and brings energy and personality to meetings and rehearsals."
 ~ Chris Timmons - Technical Director ~
                 Theatre Charlotte

    "Jamey is passionate, creative and incredibly easy to work with.  His contributions take the production to the next level."
                  ~ Jim Yost - BareBones Theatre Group ~ 

"Varnadore costumes have been a lifesaver for my program.  Jamey gives us quality costumes at an affordable price and he is always willing to make adjustments to fit our needs.  He actually cares how your production will look and will substitute costumes if he feels there is a better choice for your particular concept - make sure you get him a script - he reads it!"
      ~ Carey Kugler - Drama Teacher, Hopewell High School ~

    "Jamey Varnadore has a rare combination of elements that make him a successful costumer - he is artistic and understands theatre on all levels, he possesses technical prowess, his company has good resources, and he has the ability to stay within budget while still keeping the director pleased with the final product."
                ~ Billy Ensley - Director, Actor, Charlotte, NC ~

    "Since I've been Executive Director at Theatre Charlotte, we have entrusted our biggest and most complex costuming assignments to Jamey Varnadore because the results are consistently fantastic.    
    For Theatre Charlotte, he has costumed "Oliver!", "A Christmas Carol", Walking Across Egypt", "The Full Monty", and "Smokey Joe's Café".  Jamey has an amazing sense of style and period."
                                             ~ Ron Law - Executive Director, Theatre Charlotte ~

"Assuming the endless roles that a theatre teacher must fulfill in a middle school production, Jamey is an angel on my shoulder.  Not only are his costume designs wonderfully creative, but he takes care of everything: comes to school to do the measurements, delivers the costumes, does alterations and even picks up the costumes after the show closes."
    ~ Paula Baldwin - Drama Director, Mint Hill Middle School ~

                              ~  www.varnadore.com  ~